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That Djokovic Video Is So Funny


I can't stop laughing watching this video. It's an objectively funny video. He hits that ball no more than 8 MPH and that lady's throat gets in the way and now he's DQ'd??? That's erroneous. I think what makes it funnier is the 3 minutes before the video came out when tennis Twitter nerds were freaking out like he just took his racket and beat an old woman over the head with it until she bled out onto the court. And then you see the video and it's so fucking funny. The sound she makes, the stumbling to the ground like the life alert lady



his stutter step reaction because he knows he's fucked, all of it. And the other ball boy just goes and chases the ball after it ricochets off her Adam's apple. It's perfect. Quite possibly the best tennis highlight of the century.