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Best Job In Sports: Josh McCown Will Make $12,000 A Week To Live In Texas While On The Eagles Practice Squad


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Not. Fucking. Worthy.

Nobody has ever signed a better deal than Josh McCown signed today. How did that conversation go?

Eagles: Hey Josh, we want to sign you.

Josh: Alright cool.

Eagles: So you'll come to Philly.

Josh: No.

Eagles: So you'll stay in Texas?

Josh: Yes.

Eagles: Deal.

The Eagles figured a Josh McCown watching Guy's Grocery Games from his couch in Texas was more valuable than any QB, any QB in the world, being on the practice squad in Philly. That's AMAZING.

And hats off to Josh McCown for somehow pulling this off. $12k a week right into his Bank of America account. He probably still doesn't believe this is actually happening. Like, maybe neither side believed the other one was serious and they were in a negotiation game of chicken and neither side budged. His life from yesterday, pre-contract, and today, post-contract is absolutely identically the same. He'll just check in to a couple Zoom meetings every week, cash a paycheck, and continue living his life. And all the while he is the best QB on the Eagles roster. What a legend.