Weekend Wake Up: Cal Ripken Jr Homers In His Record Setting 2,131st Game

Truly a special day in baseball history, September 6th, 1995. 2,131 day. You know about Cal and the streak and how it saved baseball and brought all those fans back, so we won't dive into that. All these years later I'm still blown away at how awesome everything was that night in Baltimore. The numbers on the warehouse, the sold out yard, the music, the fireworks, the camera shots, Earl Weaver, Frank Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Cal Ripken Sr, President Clinton in the house, Chris Berman not talking for like 20 straight minutes, the 15 curtain calls, the non stop standing ovation, the lap, the bomb on a 3-0 pitch. Everything was perfect for Cal and the Birds that night. Today being the 25th anniversary is wild, time really does fly. I believe he's throwing out the first pitch today for the Orioles with his son Ryan, what a cool moment for those two. Anyways, sit back, watch the broadcast from 1995 and try not to tear up when Cal sees his dad up in the box. What a cool moment.