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Bob Baffert Got Absolutely Bundled In The Winner's Circle By His Kentucky Derby Winning Horse Authentic

DOWN GOES BAFFERT! DOWN GOES BAFFERT!!! Considering Bob Baffert is flashing his blinding 10,000 watt Ashely Schaeffer smile and hair on my TV after winning pretty much every race I have ever watched, you would think he'd have enough experience in the Winner's Circle to avoid getting Truck Stick'd by a horse's ass. But that's just how shit rolls in 2020. Not even the rich elites are safe from getting mollywhopped by life. Or in this case by one of their many absolute thoroughbreds doing horse donuts amidst a group of people worth roughly a zillion dollars after cashing them in God knows how much money as the winner of a Triple Crown race. Tomayto, tomahto. I imagine Bob will be just fine whenever the Preakness is since I'm sure he has already been penciled into the Winner's Circle with whatever horse he deems worthy of winning that race.