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This Dude Standing Outside The US Open Screaming Into a Microphone After Every Point Matteo Berrettini Wins Is The Biggest Tennis Fan In the World

Matteo Berrettini is probably a name you don't know. He's a professional tennis player, and a very good one at that. The Italian is the 8th ranked player in the world and returns to the US Open this year trying to top his semi-final finish in last year's tourney. He is a super fun player to watch and has a great personality. Last year he credited an Italian restaurant in New York City called Via Della Pace as his good luck charm and ate there all the time. He befriended the owner, Giovanni Bartocci, and had him in his player's box during the 2019 US Open. You can read more about that here.This dude is one of the loudest human beings on Earth. He screams during warm ups and it's incredible. If you want a guy cheering you on, there aren't many better options than Giovanni. 

Unfortunately back in February, Via Della Place was destroyed from a fire. Parlay that with how covid-19 has ripped through the restaurant business in 2020 and you just have to feel terrible for Bartocci. Nevertheless, despite fans not being allowed at this year's US Open, there is he was standing outside the confines of Matteo Berrettini's match today waiting to hear from the chair umpire if he won or lost the next point. There's no screen showing the match. Dude just waited until every point was over to hear the result. If he won he would scream as loud as humanly possible. He's been doing this all week and even started bringing an amp and microphone so Matteo could hear him better as if that was necessary. This guy loves tennis and I love him. 

You can hear Bartocci after every point below. I'm talking EVERY. SINGLE. POINT.

Imagine if he actually got to see Berrettini win the point below in person? He'd probably have ripped his clothes off and ran on the court. I mean holy shit…

Berrenttini has the young Russian Rublev next and the number 3 seed Medvedev after that. I doubt he'll be at a court where his boy can be heard from, but to be honest I wouldn't put it past this man to sneak in and find a way. Every player should be designated one super fan to root them on.