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Northeastern Dismisses 11 Students For Breaking Social Distancing Rules, Will Not Return Their $36,500 In Tuition

Colleges are in a tough situation. As much as they don't want to admit it, they are a business and if they don't stay open, they will potentially lose their business. To stay open, they need to make sure they take the proper precautions to limit a potential COVID-19 outbreak. All colleges across the country have set these rules and these 11 students allegedly broke them. They will suffer the consequences.

Those consequences? Kinda bullshit. 

I completely agree with Michael here. I guess these students should be punished, but kicking them out of school? Really? You brought your students back and thought they weren't going to party? You should've hired me as your consulting firm (smooth 6-figure payday for me, nothing colleges like doing more than overpaying for a consulting firm they don't need) to let you know that the kids, will, in fact, party. I'd argue kicking them off campus is a bit too far on the first occurrence, but I would at least understand it.

Another weird aspect in this story is these students were staying at the Westin:

Northeastern has a study abroad program for first-year students that is pretty often used. I have a bunch of friends that did that program. Them saying their students are studying abroad in Boston, while they stay in the Westin is lol funny. 

"Where'd you study abroad?"

"At the Westin."

Keeping the 36k is a big balls move. A completely ridiculous move, but a big balls move nonetheless. It's almost like they are begging these students parents to sue them.