Keenan Allen Signed A Quite Lucrative Extension With The Chargers

I think this is a great signing. To me, Keenan is the best route runner in the league, and I think anyone thinking objectively would at least have him in the top 2 with Davante Adams. 

Even though he had his injury struggles in the beginning of his career, he has been incredibly consistent the last 3 years. Almost, like, too consistent. 

The way he plays means he should maintain these statlines for a longer amount of time compared to other wide receivers that depend more on their athleticism. It also offers a ton of security for Justin Herbert's growth moving forward. Knowing you have a guy with 69% catch rate and a 61% first down rate has got to be great for the QB mindset. The question of it comes down to the money now. This contract makes him the second highest paid WR in the game with the second most guaranteed money only behind Julio. Keenan is never gonna offer world ending stats like like Julio, but he with offer consistency.

2019: 6th in receiving yards, 4th in receptions, 69.8% catch rate 

2018: 15th in receiving yards, 12th in receptions, 69.6% catch rate

2017: 3rd in receiving yards, 4th in receptions 64.2% catch rate

This signing is also just a great look for a the team in general. Between this and the Bosa extension, Telesco is showing that he takes care of his guys. That's great for the team, for prospective free agents, and for all 10 fans of the team, including myself. Bolt up, babby