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The Texans Just Gave Deshaun Watson $160 Million

It is INSANE that $160M for a quarterback doesn't even really move the needle because Patrick Mahomes got so much money that he immediately graduated from player wealth to owner wealth and bought a slice of the Kansas City Royals with his fat $500M contract. 

Watson is making $40 per year and then when he is 28 years old and the NFL salary cap goes up again he can get paid...again. That is probably when Deshaun Watson gets his half a billion dollar contract. 


Mitch has won the starting job. So that is nice. My question is...will Trubisky be in the NFL when Watson's next deal is up? This is a make or break year for Trubisky and the Bears. Odds are that the Bears will be looking in another direction at QB next year. They didn't pick up Mitch's option. Bringing him back would be expensive and the Bears might have the most expensive backup in the history of the league now with Foles 

Mitch seems like a really GREAT dude. Listening to Zach Miller talk about him made me like him even more. It seems like Mitch cares. He seems to be well liked and it seems like he works hard. He also has OBVIOUS physical tools. That is a good recipe to be a highly sought after backup for a long time. 

It is crazy that this is a legitimate question now when you talk about Mahomes, Watson, and Mitch's future. They're forever linked. Mitch could be selling insurance or coaching HS ball by the time Watson is done. Having said that…I am choosing to believe in Mitch this year. I am glad he won the starting job and God with a capital G as my witness this is my last Mitch-Deshaun-Mahomes blog ever. It's not his fault. It's not our fault. It is what it is. Last Mitch Effort