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Does This Look Like The Face Of Alabama?


SHELBY COUNTY – Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Westover man last night after a domestic violence incident involving a razor blade. Barry Scott Vick, 41, was charged with domestic violence in the first degree for using a razor blade to cut Joshua Henderson, 30, also of Westover. Around 8 p.m. Friday night deputies went to investigate a domestic violence assault in the 100 block of Pickens Drive. They said the two men had been in a fight, and Henderson had been cut with a razor blade across his chest. Investigators said Vick and Henderson are relatives. Both Vick and Henderson were treated at the scene and then transported to local hospitals for more treatment and evaluation. Following the investigation, Vick was arrested and transported to the Shelby County Jail. He is being held without bond at this time. Henderson was released from the hospital and is recovering.


Annnd we’re back. Bama wins the National Title. Katherine Webb blows up the internet for being outrageously hot. AJ McCarron becomes a legitimate star and the whole country has a momentary lapse in judgement and thinks that the state of Alabama actually has real human beings living in it. Nope, not true. Its full of people like Barry Scott Vick. People that will slash your chest with a razor blade. People that are 41 but don’t look a day over 78. People that should be living under a bridge passing out riddles for anyone who tries to cross. That’s Alabama. It was fun while it lasted guy. Reality is a bitch.


I honestly didn’t think it was possible but Barry Scott Vick looks like Genital Warts. Like I’m not saying he has Genital Warts I’m saying his entire body IS a Genital Wart. Uncanny.