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Netflix Launches A Site That Has Every Spoiler Of Every Show And Movie Ever

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Metro- It could be the most pointless website ever. Netflix have launched a spoiler site which exists purely to show viewers the most emotional or dramatic moment from a film or TV show. Featuring clips from films like Good Morning Vietnam and Rocky and shows such as Scandal and Desperate Housewives, it has the ending of Reservoir Dogs, a heart-breaking scene from Forrest Gump, and the climax of Kill Bill. For TV fans, meanwhile, there’s the ending of Lost and show defining moments from iconic series Breaking Bad. Notably, there are no spoilers from new films or shows that haven’t already aired, presumably because it would be impossible to get permission to use them. Dramatic warnings come up before you get to the actual clips and it does enable viewers to skip spoilers they don’t want to see if they can click quickly enough. It also has a page which taps in to the divisive nature of the site and asks whether you’re a spoiler – someone who consciously or unconsciously gives away plot points.


This is where we’re at now as a society I guess.  So ADD and unable to sit down to watch even a few episodes of a show that Netflix has decided to make a site that caters to people who just want to know how something ends.  Forget the beginning and middle that develops characters and important plot points.  We just want to know the end.  We can’t be expected to sit through every episode of a show.  What are you nuts?  I’ve got more important things to do like refresh Twitter.  Just tell us what happens to Walt and Jesse.  People don’t have the patience to sit down and watch Breaking Bad even though it’s easily one of the greatest shows of all time.  People just want to know what happens to Tony Soprano instead of sitting down and enjoying the ins and outs of a mob boss.  People just want to know what happens so they can be in on the conversations with other people.  They just want enough of the facts so they don’t feel left out at a cocktail party or a dinner.  That’s all.  I can’t I’m surprised, I’m just disappointed.  I’m disappointed that this type of behavior is clearly so in demand that Netflix started the website.  The people who go to this website are assholes*.  Pick a show, watch it all the way through and then let’s talk about it.



There’s a solid chance I’ll end up one of these assholes.  Never for TV shows, but for movies.  It’s for a good reason though.  The reason being I don’t want to hear people say “YOU’VE NEVER SEEN (enter movie they’ve seen that you haven’t)?!?!?!?!??!??!?  What are you doing with your life?!  Go see it now!!!!!! RIGHT NOW”  Those people fucking suck.  No, I haven’t seen that movie and don’t tell me to go watch it.  I might use this Netflix Spoiler Site, read up on every movie ever so I never have to hear someone verbally attack me cause I’ve never seen a movie they love.