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I Guess The Pac-12 May Play Football Sometime This Year?

All the talk on "will they play?" has centered around the Big Ten. It almost feels like we all forgot about the Pac-12 (per usual). Turns out, Larry Scott hasn't forgotten about his own conference:

This comes after the news yesterday that the Pac-12 has reached an agreement with a rapid COVID test company:

The Pac-12 is the Big Ten's dog. Whatever the Big Ten does, the Pac-12 follows. It's how it has worked for awhile now. If the reports are true that the Big Ten is seriously considering the option of playing as early as October, I fully expect the Pac-12 to ramp up discussion of playing sometime in 2020.

Once that question is answered, the question that remains is whether or not the Big Ten and Pac-12 will be included in the CFP. Well, we know the Pac-12 won't be included, but you know what I mean.