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Today Is the Most Baseball Games We've Had in a Day Since 1974

Given all the craziness surrounding the 2020 Major league Baseball season, it's probably not a good idea to assume every game scheduled for today will go off without a hitch. However, assuming that's the case, we will see more baseball today than we have in any day since August 4, 1974.

There are five scheduled doubleheaders today in addition to every team in the league playing since it's Friday. The 20 games, if completed, would be the most in nearly 50 years.

As many interruptions as we've had to deal with this year, it is cool to have days like this with just all the baseball you can handle. And I'm a huge fan of the seven-inning doubleheaders. They're really fun to watch and it seems like the games really move along nicely. I think we should have every team play a couple of those a month going forward and create more off-days in the schedule.

But today is a day to celebrate baseball and just enjoy all these games we have on the docket, because there was a while where it looked like we might not get any this year. Enjoy it.