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Jay Cutler Confirms That He Has A New Girl In His Life

The internet ran WILD yesterday with rumors that were FAKE NEWS. Our own pop culture insider, Dan Katz, confirmed via sources that Jay Cutler was NOT in a relationship

Jay is just living a dream life. He's got money. He has peace and quiet. He has a shit ton of animals. He doesn't have to answer to anyone. And then when he gets bored he turns to social media and gives people exactly what they want. I can't imagine anyone would want to throw a wrench in that lifestyle. 

I don't know what Tomi Lehran is like in real life, but thinking about her on camera persona and Jay Cutler makes me laugh. 

Giphy Images.

PS: Cutler's best friend is this guy, Mark Chuy Block. He runs a big modeling agency in Nashville. Not a bad connection to have if you're newly single