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Kyle Mooney Is The Best

Happy Birthday to an absolute legend. For those of you who are only familiar with Kyle from SNL first of all I'm sorry, but second of all get ready to spend the rest of the day going down the best YouTube rabbit hole there is. 

Kyle's channel along with Good Neighbor Stuff. 

More I think about it though, there's no way people from my generation aren't familiar with Kyle...right? (Bruce Chandling voice). 

I mean at some point you have to have come across one of his characters online. It feels like everyone spent at least a few nights in their buddy's basement or college apartment lighting up a few joints and being entertained by the quirkiness of Kyle.

Like the evergreen wildly popular skit "smoking".

Millions of high school and college kids who had grown into stoners fell in love with Kyle skits from this video because it was so "on point" for them and their bong-ripping friends. Like mine. 

That's one of the skits that most will know about and the "real" Kyle fans will enjoy, but they like to take a deeper dive into some of Kyle's hits. For instance "I hate this song". 

"Talking some serious crapola here, bub."

And how about Kyle's original character "Chris" the heavy metal loving hardass who hates his fucking father and can't be controlled by the corporate suits. 

Some of his best work comes in the form of man on the street interviews. Satire at it's finest. 


RIP Kobe. (Kolby). 

Every holiday season families will get together around the fireplace and throw on a Christmas classic like "The Santa Clause" or "It's A Wonderful Life" to get into the jolly spirit. 

Not me. 

I put on the Kyle Christmas Special. 

28 minutes of holiday cheer and ideas for activities around the season, and who can forget the legendary performance from the one and only Mr. Bruce Chandling. 

Tis the season is only a couple months away so when the lady asks "whats something christmasy we should watch tonight" tell her to put on the Kyle Christmas Special. 

But my all-time favorite comes in the form of making fan of us sports fans. Yes, "sporty" really will make you laugh your ass off while also reevaluating how you act as a sports fan in terms of being a grown man but getting THAT upset about your team. 

"Get it through your skooo". 


Happy Birthday, Kyle. You're the fucking man.