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Howie Rose's Reaction To Pete Alonso's Walk-Off Home Run In The Mets First Game After Tom Seaver Died Is Why Howie's The Perfect Mets Announcer

That's my motherfucking radio announcer! Mets fans infamously get a lot more things to complain about than they get to be proud of. But we truly have been blessed when it comes to announcers with Howie on the dial along with Gary, Keith, and Ron on TV. Not only because they are the cream of the crop of their craft but because they love the team like we do. It doesn't matter if it's joy or pain or anger in their voice. You know it's coming from the same place we feel it because they are fans of the Mets too. 

Howie reacting to the Mets walk it off against their crosstown rivals in the first game after his childhood hero died is the way millions of Mets fans reacted and felt, which is exactly what you want as the voice leading you on the annual crazy journey we call baseball season. 

In case Howie's face during that call wasn't enough of a glimpse into his heart, I think his tweet did a great job painting the perfect picture with words since the Baseball Gods were kind enough to allow Howie to take in that massive moment in as a fan for once.

Howie is obviously a Must Follow for all Mets fans if not all baseball fans

Howie was gracious enough to join us as a guest on We Gotta Believe back when this whole pandemic thing was fresh which caused him to finally break down and join Twitter like the rest of us depraved souls. If you missed it or want to check it out, you can do so on our YouTube Channel that should be getting some fresh content outside of podcast episodes and interviews once we banish COVID from the planet forever (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Writing that made me feel no less than 10 years younger).