“I Don’t Act. I Feel.” - Nic Cage

I couldn’t have said it any better myself with or without the gallons of alcohol. Like take everything you know about Nic Cage the actor and obviously that quote makes sense. When you find the hidden city of gold, FEEL. When you disarm several Vx Chemical Rockets on Alcatraz, IMAGINE. When you’re stealing your adversary’s face to gain leverage for your criminal enterprise, CHANNEL. These are the teachings of Nic Cage and let there be no doubt about their effectiveness. Guy does nothing but turn out hits.

Just this past weekend I sat down and watched The Rock.


Such an obviously underrated action movie. Michael Bay did nothing but send grown men through walls and windows for the better part of 2 hours. Everything exploded. Ed Harris at his absolute best and Sean Connery showing he still had it through the end of the millennium. Nothing but championship performances from the cast, and then there’s Nic Cage. Starting game 1. Throwing 98 with sink, completely dominating the entire movie. It doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and that’s being nice.

Here’s another thing. I didn’t know til now that Nic Cage is actually Nicholas Coppola, NEPHEW of Francis Fucking Ford Coppola. Son of August. Grandson of Carmine. If you want to talk bloodlines then it’s going to be hard to move on from the Coppola tree. Maybe that’s common knowledge to everyone else but to me that just adds to the mystique. Like in National Treasure when Dr. Abigail Chase finds out that Ben Gates is actually after the Freemason nut. Just like that but almost better because it’s real life. A Coppola? Who knew.