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Stay In Bed With My 7th Inning Stretch From Last Night

Wake up. Go to sleep. Stay in bed. Run a marathon. Honestly guys I don’t really give a fuck how you start your Friday as much as I just want you to have access to unbridled electricity. There’s something about that song that makes me come alive and I can’t help it. Call it childhood memories or deeply embedded emotional connectivity to Harry Caray’s showmanship attitude. I was raised on it. Practically second nature to get loaded at a baseball game and work the crowd. I’ve always enjoyed crowd play.

That said it felt so good to be at the ballpark last night taking in some live action. The Chicago Dogs do one hell of a game day operation and with $2 canned domestics it’s hard to say no. Thank you to Miller Lite for always getting me up on stage both literally and figuratively. I quite honestly love you.