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Ernie Johnson Hitting Draymond With A 3-1 Joke On TV Is Reason Number 492,195 He's Just The Best

Best show on television and it isn't close. Ernie Johnson knew exactly what he was doing here. He knew he was going to piss Draymond off but he's dealt with Chuck and Shaq for how many years. He's like a dad when his son finally goes to college and eases up on everything. Starts sharing drinking stories, starts buying him beer all the time. Just becomes friends instead of a dad. That's Ernie Johnson with the Inside the NBA crew. 

I actually like Draymond on this group too. Chuck isn't afraid to mix it up with him. I'd rather see him there than Shaq honestly or at least rotate the two with Chuck and Kenny. You can't get rid of Chuck or Kenny, they with Ernie are the reason this thing is so big. 

Ernie turning into one of the guys is just perfect though. Plus, 3-1 jokes with the Warriors always play. Even funnier when it comes with Draymond sitting right there with Ernie trying to say it wasn't on purpose. Sure it wasn't Ernie.