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Wake Up With The All Game 7 OT GWGs

Game. 7. No two sweeter and anxiety driving words in the English language. And today...we have TWO of them. What a treat. 3pm CST we have Stars-Avs and that'll be followed at 8pm by Canucks-Vegas. You literally can not have a better Friday in September during a global pandemic than this. End of the week. Heading into the last holiday of the summer. Get after it. Gas up some Miller Lites and have yourself a day just hope that we get a finish that will be added to this youtube video. 

PS: Best Game 7 OT winners of my lifetime....

1) Seabs in 2013, duh

2) Stephane Matteau 1994

3) Yzerman vs STL. 

When I close my eyes and think of Game 7 overtimes those are the moments.