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Kyle Lowry: All-Star Point Guard, NBA Champion And Now A Man With Self-Proclaimed 'Balls Of Steel, Obviously'

Quick question: what is Kyle Lowry known for the most on Twitter? His gigantic ass, his actual game or his reactions to flopping? Feel like any could be the answer here, but now it might just be his gigantic balls of steel. He's referring to this play: 

Luckily for Lowry he's already a 2x dad. You don't want more than that. Kids are menaces and you can't be outnumbered as a parent. Either way, that play hurts so bad. You ever catch a knee in the nuts? Not fun. Not when that knee is from a professional athlete, let alone a normal human being. Personally I like to think his comment about balls of steel was this pass: 

That's a flat out ridiculous pass. Cross-court, Tacko Fall in front of you and on the dime for a catch and release for OG. Like, yeah, obviously OG is getting all the headlines for making the shot, but that pass is downright filthy. Love this quote by Lowry too: 

Why not just say an 8-footer? Why go 7'12"? That's not a thing, man. Either way, Kyle Lowry - balls of steel.