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Southern Miss - South Alabama Featured Our First True Betting Sweat Of The 2020 Season

Not sure why, but I've always had a soft spot for South Alabama. Maybe it's their uniforms? Red, white, and blue while your abbreviation is USA? It could be that, I guess. Whatever. That's not the point of this blog. I'm here to talk about the sweat at the end of South Alabama - Southern Miss that made me feel alive for the first time since football ended last year. 

There's no better sport to bet on than football. It's just so much more fun. I always have that realization around this time of the year.

Heading into the 4th, it was 23-13...just under 20 points to spare if you were on the under 55.5. 

Every drive in the 4th leading up to the final one featured points. 17 to be exact. Southern Miss had the ball down 11 with 1:33 to go. They drove all the way down to the 2-yard line thanks to a 35-yard scramble from their QB. On a 3rd-and-goal play, Southern Miss' QB was sacked, but they had no timeout left to stop the running clock. Southern Miss had to rush their 4th down play. This was the result:

The under cashed.

As I noted on Twitter, Stack Cash With Jack Mac starts the season at 2-1, +0.9 units. On to Saturday!