I Feel Bad For All The UAB Bettors Out There

UAB took down Central Arkansas tonight in one of the most dominant 10-point wins I've ever seen.

We'll start with anyone who had UAB -10 in the 1st half. That didn't hit thanks to Central Arkansas putting up 21 points. How did that happen with no drive longer than 48-yards?

-Up 14-0, UAB threw an interception inside their own territory. A TD occurred a few plays later.

-Up 28-7, UAB stopped Central Arkansas only to muff a punt inside their own 20. A TD happened on the next play. 

-Up 28-14....this happened:

That was with under a minute to go in the 1st half. Hold onto the damn football!!

I saw a lot of people on Twitter who had both 1st half and full game. The good news was that if you had full game, you were still in the drivers seat thanks to how UAB was playing. This proved true as Jermaine Brown put UAB up 45-21, covering the -21 spread midway through the 4th:

Central Arkansas went on to score two more TDs after UAB knew they had the win wrapped up and brought in the backups. 

Central Arkansas was thoroughly dominated by UAB's defense. They had 8 drives of under 20 yards gained...and scored 14 points on them! I'm going to take a guess here that the chance of scoring on a drive where you gain under 20 yards is around 2%. UCA did it twice!!!

Was this a "bad beat." No, I wouldn't say that. Maybe the 1st half. This was just a tough loss for anyone who had UAB, because they deserved to win.