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Are you fucking kidding me? The Philadelphia goddamn Flyers, ladies and gentlemen. Even when this team tries everything they possibly can to lose games, they still find a way to win. Unbelievable. Down 3-1 in the series and they rattle off back-to-back wins in overtime with their backs against the wall. 

And future Norris Trophy Ivan Provorov has played a major role in both of them. Tuesday night he put the shot on net that was tipped in by Scott Laughton for the win. Then tonight you had Scott Laughton commit homicide against Semyon Varlamov on this goal to tie the game up in the 3rd period. 


And then it was Ivan Flowvorov to wrap it up in double OT and send this bitch to game 7. What a fucking beast. What a fucking legend. Honestly at this point I'm way too jacked up to actually recap anything else that happened in that game so we'll be back tomorrow with the full write up. For now, we celebrate because the boys live to see another day. 

Saturday night. 7:30pm ET. Game 7. We're not done yet. 

P.S. - It's not quite as good as a goal would be, but I love that TK is still making an impact in these games in ways that only he knows how. 

You can't win in 7 if you don't lose 3. Don't you ever, ever forget that. Flyers have had this shit right where they want it for 2 games now. Time to make it 3 on Saturday.