Watching the Yankees Attempt To Play Baseball Right Now is Flat Out Torture

This team fucking blows. How on Earth do you lose that game? Up 4-0 immediately. 7-4 in the 8th. 7-6 in the 9th. Unfuckingbelievable. Truly remarkable how they blew that and continued the misery of the past month. I know zero people will have any sympathy for Yankee fans, but we're pretty much being tortured at this point. You don't get this shit in Guantanamo these days. 

The ONE day they decide to hit as a group, stringing base hits together left and right, and looking like a team with a competent offense not trying to swing for the fences on every pitch, of course they can't pitch then. All of the other games during this slide it's the hitting that can't come through. Today the complete opposite. 

JA Happ starts and is gifted a 4-0 lead and of course has to give that back within a few innings. Guy had to limp just to get through five innings against the Mets tonight. So much for thinking you deserve to pitch every 5th day. The offense responds and gets the lead back on some clutch hitting by Gio and Gardy. On a night Brett Gardner decides to do something other than roll over a ball to second the Yankees can't manage to win. Go figure. Hicks even gets you an additional insurance run in the top of the 8th. 

Three run lead, six outs to go with your best relievers available and rested. Britton gives up two runs on three hits to shrink the lead. Granted he induced five ground balls so it's not like he was rocked. He was more unlucky than anything, but still got to get the job done. Chapman comes in to save a one run lead in the 9th in the pouring rain. You knew this wasn't going to end well and it didn't. 

Lead off walk to McNeil because of course. Billy Hamilton pinch runs and gets Chapman to balk. For some reason I have no answer to, Billy Hamilton tries to steal third with nobody out. Higashioka uncorks a goddamn missile to third on maybe the most perfect throw I've ever seen from a catcher. We should be talking about that throw right now and how amazing it was, but nope not even close. It'll go down as a complete after thought. Why? Because of the next ball put in play...


I get that it's a coping mechanism while being in a state of disbelief, but we went through that shit with Sonny Gray and I don't need anymore of it. How about you just save the game and get outs like they're paying you to do? Infuriating, man. Figure it the fuck out. 

Then we get to the 10th inning. Tyler Wade is on this roster basically for the new extra inning bullshit. Right now he's starting because of Gleyber's injury, but with everyone healthy he's solely here to pinch run and be effective on the base paths. THAT IS IT.

With nobody out in the 10th he does this.

I mean that ball isn't even close to being a hit. Shit stayed up and had no chance of touching the ground for a hit. Wade is running like there's two outs or it's hit in the gap. Did he not know the extra inning rules? The Yankees have been through this song and dance twice in the last week. Not knowing the situation there is as inexcusable as it gets. Thank God Gleyber is back on Saturday or Sunday. Fucking ridiculous. 

From there it was over. Alonso blasts a ball into another country off Albert Abreu and the Yankees lose again. After starting the season winning 16 of their first 22 games they've lost 10 of 14. Losing them in the most excruciating of ways like tonight. It's flat out miserable watching this team play baseball right now. The postseason is in clear jeopardy. The Blue Jays and Tigers are right there. No one besides really Gleyber is coming through that door to save them. Is Gleyber going back to 2019 Gleyber enough to spark everyone? Judge and Stanton are a ways away and almost should be considered out for the year at this point. The schedule is weak, but the Yankees aren't playing like a team that should take care of business against inferior opponents right now. They are an inferior team right now. It's a pathetic brand of baseball and it sucks. Fuck everything. 

Doubleheader tomorrow against the O's. I'm sure that won't make me want to gouge my eyes out.