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Holy shit. What an unbelievable journey. What an incredible story. Just 9 months after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, Oskar Lindblom is officially back in the lineup and he'll be playing playoff hockey with the Flyers. 

Obviously a lot of things had to happen in order to make this possible. The first being a global pandemic that paused the regular season and pushed the Stanley Cup Playoffs back a few months. Secondly, the Flyers are unfortunately going to be without Sean Couturier in the lineup tonight after he suffered a lower body injury in game 5. But most importantly, Oskar Lindblom battled his ass off. From everything we've seen and everything we've heard, this man took this battle head on and just kept grinding through the entire process without ever once feeling sorry for himself. He went to war with this disease and every time we've seen him between the diagnosis and now, he's still had that giant smile on his face. 

And now here he is getting a chance to finish the season with his guys. Let's fucking go, boys. Win this shit for Oskar. And then win game 7. And then just go on a goddamn run because if Oskar can get back in time to suit up for a playoff game, the boys can rattle off a few wins in a row. Flyers in 7.