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Trea Turner Pimping, And Then Turning On The Jets For An Inside-The-Park HR Is Incredible


Is this the first ever pimped inside the park HR? I mean the guy watched the ball, jogged to first, and didn't even start speeding up until he was halfway to 2nd base...and still scored with ease. 



The Nats fucking suckkkkkk but Trea Turner is on a whole 'nother level. He's leading all of MLB in hits and average, and is 5th in OPS. Juan Soto, despite missing the first 9 games, is 1st in OPS, 2nd in average, and 3 in HR. The rest of the team is a big fart, but they are absolutely killing it.


It sucks to have a wasted season like this, but at least we don't have to do 162 games of it. Come back next season, whenever that may start, completely healthy, and watch Trea and Soto battle it out for MVP all year, could be worse.