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The Mets Honored Tom Seaver Before Today's Game Vs. The Yankees With A Bunch Of Tributes Including Putting Dirt On Their Right Knees In Honor Of Seaver's Drop Down Delivery

Solid work all around from the Mets today, which we know is no small feat considering how easily this franchise can bungle something as important as honoring the greatest player in franchise history. You know a moment is emotional when Keith of all people cracks.

I know Mets fans wanted Seaver patches on the Amazins jerseys today. But that won't happen until this weekend. 

I'm not sure if the delay is because news of Seaver's death broke at night, today's game was in the afternoon, any potential COVID issues limited production, or the fact we have an incompetent COO running the team. Regardless of why it didn't happen, shout out to the Mets for getting something right for once as well as a future shout out to Steve Cohen for delivering the statue Seaver deserved years ago.

I know the Wilpons were in charge when this announcement was made. But considering they didn't announce the statue until after Seaver retired from public life and didn't update the timeline until after he died (no matter how crazy this season has been), I have no doubt Uncle Stevie will actually come through by delivering not only a Tom Seaver statue but a Tom Seaver statue worthy of the greatest player of the team he grew up rooting for and just purchased