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Jose Altuve Gave Himself a Cup Check Sliding Into Third Base

During the Houston Astros' game against the Texas Rangers Thursday afternoon, Jose Altuve decided to give himself a cup check when he slid into third base balls first for no apparent reason.

Altuve could have strolled into third standing up with no problem, but decided that not only did he need to slide, but also straddle the base with his crotch and go in at full-speed. Maybe it was his mind subconsciously punishing himself as a supplement to the zero punishment he and his teammates received for cheating their way to a World Series.

Whatever the rationale was, as a baseball fan, it's hard to feel too bad for something a notorious cheater did to himself. But on an instinctual level as a man, I genuinely hate to see this. Every male watching that video cringed when Altuve went careening into that bag, regardless of your stance on the Houston Astros.

Altuve was removed from the game the following inning, though the Astros did not immediately provide an injury update. My guess is they're trying to carefully word "nut injury."