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After She Asked For 53k Per Month In Child Support, Future Counter Offers Baby Mama With A 1k Per Month Stipend

You may remember back in May when Future shouted out every single one of his baby mama's on Mother's Day:

I believe at this time he has 6 baby mamas. A real modern-day Ghengis Khan. 

I'm not sure the exact numbers/percentages that go into child support, but I do know 53k is a ridiculous ask. Who the hell needs 53k **a month** to raise a kid? That's over 600k a year! What's he/she going to the Harvard of preschools? Is he/she bathing themselves in gold?

Shout out to that judge who set a reasonable number. Whoever this lady is walked into GameStop and thought she was going to get full price on Madden 18. Nope, you get $8. Take it or leave it.

Now, go hit a guitar solo, Future. Hendrix!