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All Jokes Aside, Ovi Jr Could Be In The Show Next Season


Sometimes I exaggerate on this here blog. Sometimes we like to make jokes on Barstool. I mean, not as many as we used to. In fact, I've been considering doing a blog about how much the blog sucks now. But that's neither here nor there. Because all jokes aside, Ovi Jr could very well be in the league next season. Dude is UNREAL at hockey at his age. If I'm an NHL team, I'm taking a flier on him immediately. I don't know the exact rules and laws and regulations of a 3 year old playing professional hockey, but who cayuhhhhs. If you are good enough to play, you are good enough to play. Plus he's Russian so rules and laws don't apply to him anyway. If he's not 2C next year in DC I'd be shocked. 

And how about the joy and jubilation in Ovi Sr's voice? He loves what he's seeing. He's so excited. I can't wait to see them play together. Going to be the best day of my life.