I'm Ready To Be Hurt Like It's 2012 All Over Again: We Have Our Official 2020 Chris Paul And Melo To The Knicks Rumors

I'm a big nostalgia guy, pretty sure I've made that clear talking about 90s stuff and the good old days. But this? This is the type of nostalgia that will cause me to weep. We have Chris Paul and Melo to the Knicks rumors in 2020. I still remember the first one. The toast at Carmelo's wedding by Chris Paul. It's one that Clem and I still will randomly talk about via text out nowhere. Every Knicks fan knows all about the toast: 

I was so excited. One of my favorite players ever, joining my favorite team. We were finally going to have that lead guard and a star to join two other stars. We were going to have that defensive guard. It was going to be perfect. Chris Paul, Melo and STAT. You could print shirts and blogs and billboards with that trio. They would have been playing under Mike D'Antonio and we could have had a little version of 7 seconds or less Suns again. It was all right there for the taking. 

And then it didn't happen. And then STAT punched a fire extinguisher. And then Melo didn't have any help and the Knicks thought Andrea Bargnani was the answer. And now in 2020 we have Chris Paul and Mentor Melo rumors. I honestly have no idea why the Thunder would trade Paul yet. Look at what they did with him. You can play him and SGA together. Keep letting SGA learn from him. He's only under contract for two more years, start the year with him and then adjust at the trade deadline. 

As much as I love Chris Paul, I've already moved on to overpaying Fred VanVleet.