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Twitter Needs to Knock It the Hell Off With Promoting CFB Games That Were Canceled Months Ago

As excited as I am to watch South Alabama-Southern Miss tonight to celebrate the return of FBS football in a year when we were unsure if we'd see it at all, the shit Twitter is pulling right now is flat-out unacceptable. The crack team over at one of the world's largest tech companies won't stop promoting college football games that were canceled weeks or months ago with its dumbass compilation of non-existent tweets that nobody clicks on anyway.

I get one of these things at the top of my timeline for the Braves game every single night and no matter how many times I turn it off, there it is waiting for me the following night. But reminding everyone of the fact we were supposed to be watching Ohio State-Illinois in a matter of hours when that game hasn't been on the schedule for quite some time is simply cruel and unusual punishment. I can only imagine being a fan of one of the teams listed there, reminded of what tonight was supposed to be.

They did this last week, too and were chastised for it and still didn't turn off whatever needed to be turned off to prevent this from happening again.

I have tricked my brain into being excited for whatever variation of college football we get this year, so quit reminding me and everyone else of what was supposed to be.

That said, i look forward to Saturday morning when I open Twitter to see a smorgasbord of notifications for the opening Saturday of college football that doesn't exist.