Vernon Maxwell Is Taking A Break From Insulting The People Of Utah, To Roast OKC Right After The Thunder Were Eliminated

Vernon 'Mad Max' Maxwell is a couple things. He's a great shooter, he's a NBA champion and he fucking hates the Utah Jazz. He literally quit the Rockets in 1995 after losing a playoff game to the Jazz. Not even a series, just a game and said that's enough. He will do anything possible to mock the state of Utah and the Jazz on Twitter.

But last night and today he found a new enemy. Oklahoma City. Now as far as I know, he has nothing against the city or the Thunder - they just happened to be playing the Rockets. And if a team is playing the Rockets, you better be prepared for Vernon Maxwell's twitter. Nobody loves the solid misdirection joke like Mad Max either. Oh Oklahoma City is so nice, they have a Blockbuster. 

Get it? Because Blockbuster is super old and not around anymore. I'll tell you what, I miss Blockbuster. Yeah, I know how easy Netflix and every other streaming site is. But there was something about hitting up a Blockbuster on Friday and finding the perfect VHS that you've searching for. Not even that, just peeking over the curtain at the porn selection knowing you couldn't go there but just wanted a peek. No idea what you were even really looking at you just knew you liked it. And then at checkout, video game in one hand, VHS in the other, you heard those magic words. 'Hey, grab some candy if you want.' Jackpot. Bring back Blockbuster or at least the feeling of Blockbuster.