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Turns Out Arian Foster Is A Big Hockey Guy And Wishes The NFL Would Let Players Drop The Gloves


I don’t care how much people who aren’t huge hockey fans hate hearing it, nothing is better than playoff hockey. To steal a phrase from the great American philosopher Arian Foster, “playoff hockey is sooooo hype!”. And there are very few things in this world that can match the intensity of a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The term “Game 7″ alone is enough to make me hands-free ejac. Hockey guy or not, last night’s game 7 overtime between the Rags and Caps is something that anyone with a heartbeat can enjoy. It’s the greatest situation in all of sports. The purest form of “next goal wins”. And now the hockey world has Arian Foster hooked. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it looks like he’s a Rangers fan. But whatever, he’s still one of us regardless.


He tweeted about Lundqvist a few times last night and nailed the spelling on each of them. That was a big time shocker. Don’t get me wrong, Arian Foster is a smart dude. It’s just that unless you really devote yourself to being a big time hockey guy, you probably go with “Hank” or “Lundkwist” or some version of that. Great to see he’s going all in here. And it’s also great to see that he’s not some Twitter egg and can actually appreciate the role of fighting in hockey.


You wanna go around jaw jackin on the ice, you better prepare for your jaw to get jacked. Or have someone’s jaw get jacked for you if you’re someone like Crosby and don’t drop the mitters yourself. But if Arian Foster wants actual fighting in the NFL, then who are we to rob him of that? If you want to be a punk bitch like DeSean Jackson out there, well then you deserve to get popped. Take off the helmet, walk over to the logo on the 50-yard-line, and start throwing hands. Sure, someone might actually die out there on the field but it’ll stop cats from jaw jackin so much. Sometimes you need to police the game yourself. Maybe just start making kickers the new enforcer role out there.