Torey Krug Deserves To Go Get His Bag

It sure sounds like Torey Krug has played his last game as a Boston Bruin.

TK spoke with the media (as did a few other guys) today after the B's season ended on Monday. Torey said that contract talks with the B's this season were "few and far between", and he's in a position to "make the most out of it". It being free agency (October 9th). I agree with him 1000%. Krug has taken short term deals, team friendly deals all of his life. He was counted out, wasn't drafted, yet he worked his ass off to get to where he is today. Absolutely deserves to go out and get his bag.

I've said it on my podcast a few times, but Krug is such an easy guy to root for. Has been great ever since we saw him in the 2013 playoffs. Even if it's not going to be with the B's, he's a guy you want to see have success and to go and get his money. 

Who knows, maybe Don Sweeney will surprise us and get a deal done. But with the cap staying flat due to the pandemic, it's gonna be hard. Maybe if Boston is in the same ballpark as what other teams are offering come October… but I doubt it. Just not enough cap space.

I'm going to be incredibly sad to see Torey go. He was a PP specialist like you read about. He did everything the B's asked, a great leader in the locker room, definitely could've had an A. I don't have enough good things to say about him.


It's time for McAvoy and Grzelcyk (who's an RFA) to take the reins.

Go get yours, Torey. If this is it, thanks for everything.