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Word on the Street is That the Sixers May Have Found Their New Head Coach

There have been rumors since the Brown firing that Lue was going to be a lead candidate for the job. He's won a championship, he's coached stars, and supposedly he's known for holding said stars accountable. He doesn't necessarily get the same respect as other winning coaches because most people like to assume that he was a pawn for Lebron James' team. It's tough for these coaches to be respected when they inherit a roster led by Lebron James. Look at Erik Spoelstra. When Lebron was in Miami no one respected him as the man in charge of winning multiple rings, but look at Spoelstra now. He's turned out to be one of the best coaches in the NBA, leading homegrown talent and a veteran star to a commanding 2-0 lead over the Bucks.

It is so hard to judge a head coaching hire right when it's happened. How the fuck am I, Phillip P. Mays the second, supposed to know how Ty Lue is going to coach the Sixers? I don't know the man. I'm not at practice. I don't know if he was pulling all the strings behind the scenes for the miraculous comeback in 2016. I just don't know. I remember people were irate when the Eagles hired Doug Pederson and that worked out pretty well didn't it? So I'm not going to go on twitter and make ridiculous judgments about how this is the best or the worst hire ever because the only way to find that out is to just wait and see. It will probably go terribly because I don't believe this front office is capable of making a single good decision but fuck it, let's be optimistic.