If You Listen To Zach Miller It's Impossible Not To Let A Belief In Mitch Trubisky Creep Back Into Your Heart

First things first, this clip has nothing to do with Mitch Trubisky, but it let's you know what kind of guy Zach Miller is. He is a no bullshit, self-made, smart, pro's pro of a tightend. When he talks about Mitch you know he's giving you the truth. He says Mitch comes in and commands the huddle like a leader QB should. He says that Mitch has all the tools. He says that Mitch works his fucking bag off. He says he LOVES Mitch Trubisky. It got my attention. I made me, for the first time in probably 11 months start to believe in Mitch Trubisky at least a little bit. That maybe, somehow, someway, in year 4 he can work with Nagy, put a few things together. I think that is the key. Nagy needs to adjust to Mitch and put him in a better position to win and be successful. For whatever reason Mitch was AWFUL when running the RPO. Maybe that'll change in his 3rd year with Nagy and he will be able to process the zone reads more quickly and accurately. Or maybe Nagy will just run less of them. That is the ultimate frustration with Mitch. He has EVERYTHING you want in a quarterback on paper. He's big, strong, and mobile. He works hard. His teammates seem to respect him. He should be the real deal. Then he gets between the lines and it seems to go wrong between the ears. I don't know if he will be the guy long term, but I think after listening to Zach Miller for 45 minutes I am ready to roll the dice on the kid one more time. He's my week 1 starter. It's right around the corner. Listen to the podcast here

Believe in Mitch by watching this