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Congrats To Gracie Hunt, Daughter Of The Chiefs Owner And Drew Lock's Ex, On Finally Getting Her Ring

I know it's hard to weep when you're a starting quarterback in the NFL and that's exactly what Drew Lock is. He's also the ex-boyfriend to Gracie Hunt. We've talked about that before: 

Gracie Hunt is the daughter of the owner of the Chiefs. More importantly she's now the proud owner of a ring - a Super Bowl ring. You don't think that makes Drew Lock weep a bit? The man has to watch his smoke ex get a ring - one of many, I assume. She'll get an engagement ring and I'll be willing to bet on over .5 Chiefs titles with Patrick Mahomes under contract for roughly another 50 years. And sure Drew Lock may have moved on to another girl since getting to the NFL, but Gracie is out here celebrating rings. 

Either way, congrats to Gracie. Big day.