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Rory McIlroy Is Officially A Dad!

That was fast! We literally just found out a couple days ago that Rory and his wife Erica were expecting a baby and boom, she's here. Poppy Kennedy McIlroy. Rory McIlroy is officially a dad. Kinda weird if we're being honest. My strongest memories of Rory were back in 2014 fresh off his back-to-back major wins at the Open Championship and the PGA Championship. He was on top of the world, partying his face off all over the world and doing the ice bucket challenge with the likes of Meghan Markle. It was hands down the best time to be a Rory McIlroy fan. Now he's a dad. It's very cool but it's strange at the same time. Honestly a big part of it is that Rory and I are pretty much the exact same age and he's growing up while I refuse to. Rory has generational wealth and a family and I have a couple hundred bucks and a roommate. Rory McIlroy is my very mature and very successful friend that I've never met. 

Anyway. Glad to hear everyone's healthy and happy. Congrats to Rory and Erica.