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Chris Paul And James Harden Owe An Apology To Hockey Fans All Across The Globe

What the fricken heck is this shit? This isn't a sport. This is theater masquerading as a sport. 

The final minute of a game 7 in a one-possession game and this is the what we have going on? Where's the heart? Where's the fucking will and drive to compete? My god. You wouldn't catch a hockey player flopping during an exhibition game in Rochester, let alone even consider flopping in game 7 of a Stanley Cup Playoff game. It's fucking embarrassing. 

Game 7's are supposed to be the pinnacle of compete. There's a certain level of sanctity that comes with a game 7. James Harden and Chris Paul just took a hot steaming shit all over that. If this were a hockey game, old ass Don Cherry would be knocking up at their hotel doors just to kick both of their asses himself. But because it's the Association, nobody seems to have a problem with it. Because this is what basketball has become. Guys just leaving to create super teams because they're afraid of winning the hard way, and flopping to draw a call because they're afraid of winning the hard way. The NBA is basically an Adam Sandler movie at this point where he and all of his friends just get together and make some shitty movie just to cash a check instead of trying to actually. work and recreate actual masterpieces like Happy Gilmore and the criminally underrated Wedding Singer. Sick league.