Adorable Permanently-Smiling Extinct Turtles Brought Back From The Dead! 2020 Is On The Comeback Trail, Baby Girls!

Conservationists are not known for delivering a lot of good news. But in the Burmese roofed turtle — a giant Asian river turtle whose bug-eyed face is naturally set in a goofy grin — they have cause for celebration. Just 20 years ago, the species was presumed extinct. But after rediscovering a handful of surviving animals, scientists have grown the population to nearly 1,000 animals in captivity, some of which have been successfully released into the wild in Myanmar over the past five years.

“We came so close to losing them,” said Steven G. Platt, a herpetologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society. “If we didn’t intervene when we did, this turtle would have just been gone.”

Look at that little smiling-slyly son-of-bitch. Hold up; wait A minute. Y’all thought we was finished? -Meek Mill -This Turtle Species 

Imagine cruising down an Asian river and seeing one of these feels just hobnobbing on a log with literally a thousand of his friends. You’re a scientist who studies vulnerable species. What do you do?

You lay a fucking egg. That’s what. What’s inside that egg? Another smiling turtle. Incredible. Good work, everybody.

PS: we better not find out in two weeks that these turtles are racist like we did that fire bunny. That was crushing.

Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit! Your thoughts on being a confirmed racist?