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The Cubs Got In Bed With The Enemy

Not sure what all this means right now because it’s 730 and I’m just getting the information dump now. But from the looks it seems like the Cubs are officially in competition with Barstool Sports and Penn National. The wholesome family friendly Cubs that try to prevent Barstool people from going to a rooftop and sending tweets (true story) are now leading the opposition. I am flabbergasted. I am astonished. This is what I would describe as some serious bullshit.

Btw WHERE THE FUCK IS SAMMY SOSA? We’ve banished him on moral grounds and now they’re taking action? I mean you honestly couldn’t be more full of bologna if you tried. In the meantime the bullpen still fucking blows and our starting pitching depth is non existent. But tell me more about the sports book. Just crazy to me this is how the Cubs have pivoted into a full fledged minor league Disney world. Makes me sick. Stop with the lies.

Reminder. Barstool will take all of your action. We won’t pretend to be something we’re not in the process.