The Rays Were So Emotional Last Night After Mike Brosseau's Two Homer Game That They Reportedly Had "Tears In Our Ears"

Last night Mike Brosseau answered the bell in maybe the best way humanly possible: two homers to beat the Yankees. You can shit on Kevin Cash and Kevin Kiermaier for the way they talked about Chapman's pitch and the whole situation, but you can't say anything bad about the way Brosseau handled the whole moment. Intentional or not, he said all the right things, and handled his business like a pro. You back it up with two homers the next night and I can't do anything but tip my cap. Well played. 


Now as for the rest of the Rays team I mean give me a break.

TEARING FROM OUR EARS. First of all, see a doctor immediately. Second of all, assuming that was a typo from Topkin, the Rays were actually that emotional from two regular season home runs that they were tearing from their eyes? I get that he had been the topic of discussion and this certainly was a career moment for him, but we're really crying over this? I mean what are we doing here? 

You kicked the Yankees ass in the regular season. Job well done, but this is again the regular season. Brosseau had a multi-homer game. I get that this is likely the peak of the organization since they've been to the World Series, but jeez louise. Are they going to hang a banner because they went 8-2 against the Yankees in the 2020 regular season? Judging by that quote I'd have to assume they're thinking about it. 

If you're a Yankee fan and you don't want the Rays in the postseason to get revenge then you're not a real person. Do they have their number right now? No question, but there will be a different Yankees team awaiting them come October (assuming the Blue Jays and Tigers don't pass them in which case I'll slip into a cold dark depression). 

Make it happen baseball gods.