Japanese Dude Offers New Service To Help 30 Year Old Women Lose Their Virginity - Daily Mail

How about the fact that there’s just tons and tons of Japanese virgins? I mean, upset city. Pound for pound, per capita, Japan has gotta be the most perverted country on the planet. You’d think everyone over there was a sex fiend. But I guess it’s just tons of creepy dudes with pixelated dicks watching cartoon porn and the girls just sit around not getting fucked.

And that’s why I gotta hand it to my man Masato. Just working that supply and demand market. Ton of virgin vaginas looking for that first dick, well Masato is your man. He’ll help you become a normal modern woman in 2015 instead of some celibate wierdo. And all basically for free! He’s like a philanthropical gigolo. What a guy.

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