I Have No Idea What The Hell We Just Watched, But These NBA Refs Need To Be Fired On The Spot And Mocked For Eternity

I can't explain what the fuck we just watched  because refs are the worst human beings at their job. I hate every single one of them, but specifically these NBA refs. We start with this call on Goran Dragic: 

Then they decided to double down and call this foul on Giannis: 

It's the goddamn playoffs! Let the players decide the game. There wasn't anything close to a foul on either of these. Fire these refs on the spot. Let Jimmy Butler fight one of them, even though he made a free throw to win. You think he's happy? No. He's too busy demanding to guard Giannis 

Do everyone a favor and fire these refs on the spot. Let everyone mock them for eternity. Make them work Splash Mountain for years upon years. This is a disgrace. What a dumbass way to end the game.