Leonard Fournette Has Agreed To A One-Year Deal To Become Tom Brady's Newest Weapon

Do not let where Leonard Fournette got drafted fool you. Recently there has been a confusion on whether or not Fournette has even been a good NFL player. Most of what I see when people knock Fournette is that the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted him fourth overall over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. He didn't light the world on fire his rookie season, he only managed to slog through eight games in his sophomore campaign, and then last year he put up career numbers both running the ball and catching passes out of the backfield. I'm not saying he's Saquan Barkley or anything like that, but he had more receptions in 2019 than he did targets in his entire NFL career up to that point. It's an area he improved upon and will be vital in his new role in Tampa Bay. This also isn't last year's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Just like it isn't any year's Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bucs just got to add a premier running back talent for free. Didn't have to draft him, don't have to pay him, didn't have to trade for him. A 1-year contract less than a fortnight out from the kickoff of the 2020 season the Bucs get a no risk, high reward signing. This is a team that acquired LeSean McCoy - a player who the Chiefs were benching a year ago - just to kick the tires. I know there are plenty of Ronald Jones fans out there, I just don't know how many exist outside the fantasy community hoping they can find a mid-to-late-round value. 

This is a no brainer from Tampa Bay. You have Tom Brady and a two year window. Maybe it's longer, but right now you know it as a two year window. You kick the tires on literally every single player that becomes available and don't worry one iota about the future. Rob Gronkowski wants to come out of retirement? Trade for him. Leonard Fournette gets cut because Jacksonville has never and will never know what they're doing? You sign him. The only wrong moves right now are no moves. Because it doesn't matter if each and every signing works perfectly right now. You buy up every lottery ticket that becomes available and you live with your mistakes. The hits are going to far outweigh the misses and could end up the difference between the franchise's second Lombardi or a waste of a gifted window of true contention.