The Patriots Release Mohamed Sanu

Well I have to admit I’m surprised by this. But I shouldn’t be. If we’ve learned anything about Patriots surprise roster moves, if Mike Reiss has it, it’s Gospel. And Reiss had it:

In the big picture, this hurts because Sanu came in exchange for a second round pick. He contributed very little after getting hurt last year. He appeared to work his ass off to come back this year with insane, Rocky IV like workouts all summer. And this is a receiver corps that was decimated last year and added no big names this offseason. I guess the only thing to do is take some hope that Belichick has this much confidence in the guys he has. All we know for sure is that when he makes a move that doesn’t work out, he doesn’t compound the error by trying to force the guy into the roster. He cuts his losses. Still, this sucks. Go Gunner Olszewski, I guess?