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A Stoolie Built a Boat in His Garage And Many More Projects

Each week on Longtime Toolies all the Toolies tweet at us and DM us the projects they've been completing. Each week we get our genitals blown clean off by the skill and creativity these people have. Up to this point, though, most of the submissions have been things I'm pretty sure I could build with a little more practice. Well, pals, that got shattered to Bolivian this week

This fuckin guy built a GD boat in his garage. A real boat, with a sail and all that shit. And he put it in the water and it seems to float. This is outrageous. 

I'm a sucker for treehouses. You build a regular tiny ass room on the ground and I couldn't care less, but you put that shit in a tree and I'll put it in a blog and talk about it. Check out those limb rails, nice touch.

Stephanie built this desk in her one bedroom apartment and used her balcony as the workshop. Here I am, a guy with a dedicated workshop and a garage I can build in and I couldn't even come close to touching this craftsmanship. 

Who doesn't love goats? Well, besides people with Capraphobia which we all know is the fear of goats (Capra is latin for goats FYI). Kevin's goats are about to stunt all over the other goats who have to eat off the ground. Suck it, nerds.

You could go out to some furniture store and pay a few hundred bucks for some shitass ugly basic bitcc coffee table OR you could build something like this out of black walnut. Also, how lucky is this guy he doesn't have to move half a dozen pillows just to sit on his couch? Just kidding, @mywife, I love all those pillows, they really tie the room together.

Stuff like this router table cabinet are so simple but can make a workshop so much better. I'm still outfitting my workshop and am realizing space is at a premium, so I love seeing stuff like that come across our feed. 

As always, there is so much more on our Twitter and Instagram pages that you should check out and submit your own projects. I'd write about them all, but I've gotta get back to restoring this axe head that a blacksmith made in the 1800s out of steel and braun. That video will be out on Friday. For those at home wondering, I still love my privacy wall and I haven't seen my fuckface neighbor for days. Suburban bliss, folks. Check it out in the video.