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TOMORROW AT NOON, Experience Chicago Like Never Before...

Have an action packed video dropping tomorrow at noon. While I was out in Chicago, the good folks over at Chicago SUP were nice enough to take White Sox Dave, Dante, and myself out on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River for a little E-foiling. I don't expect any of you to know what E-foils are but if you do, It's probably because Zuckerberg has become the poster boy for them (which will probably slow their rise in popularity. He doesn't always scream "cool"). 

If you were unaware of Zuck's favorite new pastime though, E-foils are pretty much motorized surfboards which you control with a handheld acceleration trigger. 

The board is mounted on a giant carbon-fiber hydrofoil that allows you to glide above the surface on the water when balanced correctly. 

Feel free to make a friendly wager with your friends on which of us will "fly" the longest. 

And don't worry, tomorrow we'll finally get some closure on White Sox Dave's (2017) promise to jump into the Chicago river.

Be afraid comment section, BE VERY AFRIAD