The Rock Announced On Instagram That He And His Family All Tested Positive For COVID-19

If there was one person I needed to pick to represent humanity against aliens, it would be The Rock. I don't care if it was a fight to the death, a debate on the mic, or an intergalactic election where every other life form could cast a vote. The Rock is the best we have on this planet and if he didn't allow having the name Dwayne stop him from becoming a global superduperduperstar, he sure as shit isn't going to let anything else stop him.

Which is why fuccboi covid never stood a chance against him. Coronavirus has infected millions of people, including some of the biggest and most beloved names in entertainment. But it must have missed the scouting report about The Rock because there was no way he was going to do anything but drop the People's Antibodies all over that piece of shit virus. 

Despite all that, it sounds like even a man mountain like The Artist Formerly Known As Rocky Maivia had himself a hell of a battle against The Rona. Luckily it sounds like The Rock and his entire family made it through everything unscathed and are recovering. Everyone be safe and let's get this fucknut virus out of our lives ASAP.